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From the archives: What’s Wrong with Sam Harris’ The Moral Lanscape (review)

Reposted from January 2011, because it may be relevant to an upcoming post… [Read more…]

William Lane Craig: young-earth creationism is an embarrassment

I’ve had difficulty finding any straightforward statements from William Lane Craig on evolution and creationism. Often, he hedges by throwing a few subtle encouragements to his anti-evolution fans while avoiding saying anything that would identify him. But in a recent podcast, he was very frank about young-earth creationism: [Read more…]

Arguing when you know the conversation isn’t going to be constructive

Okay, after my quick declaration that I’m not signing Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge,” let me get a little deeper into the problems I see with it. Here’s the first point of the pledge, quoted in full: [Read more…]

Video on the modal ontological argument

Counter Apologist has a video on the modal ontological argument, where he does a nice job of laying out some points I’ve made several times, as well as discussing possible responses to the Greatest Possible Demon objection: [Read more…]

Comments on the Craig-Rosenberg debate, part 2: the so-called “logical argument from evil”

I’m going to dedicate most of this post to Rosenberg’s opening statement, but first let me say “here here” to something from Jason Rosenhouse’s comments on the debate: [Read more…]

On Greg Cavin’s Case Against the Resurrection

Jeff Lowder has been encouraging me to read a set of slides that Greg Cavin used in his recent debate with Mike Licona (the slides were put together by Cavin and Carlos A. Colombett). Jeff called them a “must read” when they were first posted, and a week and a half later I got around [Read More…]

Returning to the US–will be available for speaking/debates

This morning, someone asked me about my travels in Asia and I realized that, holy crap, I’m going to be back in the US in less than three weeks. [Read more…]

I’m not signing Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge”

I’ve got a bunch of things on my plate to date, so this isn’t going to be the long post I’d like it to be, but here it goes anyway: I think Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge” is horribly wrong-headed, for a number of reasons, including: [Read more…]

My first book–which takes on Christian apologists like William Lane Craig on the resurrection–available for free

At long last, and thanks to some great help from Jeff Cogswell, the ebook version of my first book–complete with a new preface–is now ready as a PDF. The book is called UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus, and I’m letting anyone download for free as an ebook. [Read more…]