State of the Empire Union

I forget the details, but apparently when the Roman empire was in its decline, the Senate would do these creepy rituals where they’d get together and shout about how great the Emperor was, exhausting themselves repeating a single sentence dozens of times. I wonder if, centuries from now, the State of the Union will look the same way.

“When America was in its decline, once a year the Congress would do this creepy ritual where they’d get together to listen to a speech by the President and applaud every sentence, sometimes giving a standing ovation for the most banal talking points. Any congresscritter who failed to do so would have their loyalty questioned.”

I’m not even joking about that last sentence. I just saw someone on Facebook whining about how John Boehner failed to clap at certain times. Much as I deplore Boehner for his budgetary hostage taking, good for him doing his part to make the ritual slightly less absurd.