I totally called this one: Tim Curry takes over Palpatine

I just found out that Tim Curry is taking over the voice of Palpatine for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon. My first thought was, “wait, they’re still making that cartoon?” But my second thought was: I totally called this one.

Okay, actually I didn’t call it. I just said it would be awesome if the Star Wars prequels were remade with Tim Curry as Palpatine, without ever expecting it or anything like it would happen. But I’m still ridiculously happy about this.

As I argued six years ago, Ian McDiarmid was a terrible prequel Palpatine, because he played the guy who was supposed to be cleverly leading the entire Galactic Republic astray the exact same way he played the obviously evil old wizard from Jedi. Curry, in contrast, has a knack for playing villains with some actual charisma.

Here’s Tim Curry as a pirate:

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