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Goodbye Asia!

Less than six hours to my flight. Here’s a picture of the incompletely packed sum of all my worldly possessions: [Read more…]

Why South Korea is leading the way in building killer robots

When I moved this blog to Patheos, I was asked to pick a tagline and I ended up going with the first thing that came to mind: “Philosophy, atheism, killer robots.” Roll your cursor over the browser tag, you should be able to see it This was not a throw-away joke: I really do mean [Read More…]

The Old Testament and Christian apologetics, part 1: some types of apologists

This post has its roots in a comment thread on Yvain’s blog, the OP of which I discussed here. But it’s not the post itself that prompted this blog post, but rather when I said: [Read more…]

FIXED version of my free ebook

When I first put out my ebook, it had a couple major issues with page numbering as well as a graph being on the wrong page. These are now fixed. You can download the new version at the link provided (and please do so before passing the book on to any friends–it would be kinda [Read More…]


Two different bloggers I read–Yvain and Zinnia–are both involved in a new startup called MetaMed. It sounds really cool, because it sounds like the people behind it are seriously committed to increasing the amount of rationality that goes into medicine. Unfortunately, it sounds like the personalization aspect means its services are likely to be expensive. [Read More…]

Global temperature charts

A week ago I got into an argument with a friend about global warming, which annoyed me at first but was probably a good thing, because it led to us Googling temperature data, where I found these two charts on Wikipedia: [Read more…]

Rationalist reactionaries, cultural imperialism, and dictatorship

So apparently, there’s a certain subset of people who frequent LessWrong who self-identify as political reactionaries. Apparently they’re fans of some guy named Moldbug, who after brief contact via Yvain and brief discussion with one of Yvain’s commenters, I decided probably wasn’t worth reading. [Read more…]

Serving up some cynicism about Buddhism

I’m deep enough in to the atheist whateversphere that I know minutia about how a fair number of prominent atheists have occasionally criticized Buddhism. I’ve written up a summary of the details here, and I suspect those criticisms are mostly correct. But thinking that didn’t prepare me for an experience I had the other day. [Read more…]

I totally called this one: Tim Curry takes over Palpatine

I just found out that Tim Curry is taking over the voice of Palpatine for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon. My first thought was, “wait, they’re still making that cartoon?” But my second thought was: I totally called this one. [Read more…]