Rationalist reactionaries, cultural imperialism, and dictatorship

So apparently, there’s a certain subset of people who frequent LessWrong who self-identify as political reactionaries. Apparently they’re fans of some guy named Moldbug, who after brief contact via Yvain and brief discussion with one of Yvain’s commenters, I decided probably wasn’t worth reading.

Now Yvain has a new post discussing these reactionaries in great detail, I responded in the comments in enough detail that I considered making it a blog post here, except my comments won’t make much sense unless you read Yvain’s original post. So go have a look–you’ll get to see me endorsing cultural imperialism, among other things.

One thing I didn’t cover in the comments: the fact that open fans of dictatorship are running in the same circles as people who want to build a superintelligent AI to take over the world is utterly frightening. Let’s just hope they don’t become influential at IBM or Google.