This Easter would be a great time to download my book debunking the Resurrection

For all those who have somehow not been drawn in by the big button that says “Free Ebooks” at the top of the page, this would be a great time to download my book UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus, which I’ve made available for download in exchange for whatever people are willing to donate:

Download now

You can find out more about the book at the first link above. One other thing I will say is that it’s become my go-to thing I tell people to read if they need to be convinced that the supernatural claims that get investigated most carefully invariably get debunked. That’s something even many evangelicals don’t need to be told–they see miracles as only happening in Biblical times–but some do need to be told it, and I think referring them to my book is a great way to do it.

Oh, and I would also like to remind everybody that Easter is named for the pagan goddess Eostre. However, as far as I can tell there is no connection between Eostre and the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, in spite of the similar names.

  • JohnH

    Sorry, but you don’t debunk the resurrection. That is you give the reasons which support your starting premise of it having not occurred and dismiss objections to that premise but do not conclusively prove that the resurrection did not happen, just that you don’t believe it did. Which is fine, you are completely free to believe that it was/is hallucination and that does fit the appearing better then most theories that have been put forward, and I suppose it lets you discount those that have seen the risen Lord up until today as well. It doesn’t however prove that it was/is hallucination or that Paul’s description of a incorruptible body in the resurrection is inaccurate.

    I know that Jesus still lives but it is not because of some empirical proof from physical evidence and I don’t think that it is possible to know (or even to truly believe) of the reality of the resurrection from just the available physical evidence; When Christ comes again and the dead rise then there will be obvious physical evidence, until then probably not so much.

    • MNb

      You’re right, JohnH. Like you know that Jesus has resurrected I know that fairies nurse the flowers in my garden, so that they can blossom optimally. CH hasn’t debunked that either; neither have you conclusively proven that there are no fairies to nurse my flowers.
      Oh, and Russell’s Teapot is faithfully orbiting around the Sun, let’s not forget that either.'s_Teapot

      • JohnH

        Bad examples.

        First, I can point to benefits to my own personal life that come because of my belief in Jesus; the teapot and the fairies not so much for you I think. Beliefs that do not change action are irrelevant.

        Second, while you personally may have a knowledge of your fairies, neither you nor Russell could possibly have knowledge of the Teapot. If an explorer went to Mars and happened to see the Teapot on the way to Mars but the event was not recorded in any other way then the personal witness of the explorer then believing in the Teapot would be more worthwhile as at least it came from a possibly valid source. Again, even with your personal knowledge of the fairies or a hypothetical explorer attesting to the existence of the Teapot those beliefs appear irrelevant (as stated).

        Third, While I can not empirically prove the resurrection at this time, I am able to suggest that by seeking God anyone is able to gain a witness of the reality of the resurrection. I do not know the properties and qualities of your supposed fairies so perhaps you have some way of proving their existence to someone that visits your garden, but the point of the Teapot is that there is no current way of proving it right or wrong.

        Finally, Russell’s Teapot was to show that according as Russell understood God it was illogical to claim that because God could not be disproved that one could not doubt the existence of God. I agree with that assessment, you are completely free to doubt the existence of God if you have not received a personal confirmation of His existence, just as I doubt the existence of your fairies and Russell’s Teapot.

      • MNb

        What has beneficial to do with factual truth, JohnH? But now you mention it, blossoming flowers are very beneficial to me and the thought of an orbiting invisible Teapot gives me great comfort in bad times. Who are you to judge that?
        I know there is a Teapot – you know Jesus still lives. Now if someone could make him sign an official document and he could tell us where he has been last 2000 years I will be convinced – just like you will be convinced when some astronaut observes the Teapot.
        But Jesus is invisible of course. Just like the Teapot and my fairies.

        “I am able to suggest that by seeking God anyone is able to gain a witness of the reality of the resurrection”
        Seek the Teapot with your heart, JohnH, with your heart, just like you seek Jesus with your heart, so that you don’t have to rely something as vulgar as empirical data. Seek and thou shall find, anything you like. You will be able to gain a witness of the reality of the Teapot and my garden fairies.

        “I do not know the properties and qualities of your supposed fairies so perhaps you have some way of proving their existence to someone that visits your garden, but the point of the Teapot is that there is no current way of proving it right or wrong.”
        I do not know the properties and qualities of your supposed resurrected Jesus so perhaps you have some way of proving their existence to someone that visits your church. Oh wait, that principle doesn’t apply to your beloved superhero, which means double standards. Resurrection: no science please. Everything else the human mind might produce: science. Very convincing, JohnH, and very handy if you want to prove your biases.
        The point of the fairies and the Teapot is that they can’t be disproven – exactly like the Resurrection. You have written nothing to contradict this.

        “you are completely free to doubt the existence of god”
        How merciful of you. Thank you so much; I had a sleepless splitsecond worrying that JohnH might not give his permission to unbelieve.
        In the meantime the Resurrection is exactly as likely as my garden fairies and Russell’s Teapot.

        • JohnH

          Jesus is not invisible.

          Empirical data is not vulgar, secondary empirical data such as benefits, fulfilled prophecies, so forth are available which provide supporting evidence to the truthfulness of religion but which I have yet to meet anyone that believes because of such things. Seeking is not done just with the heart and the witness given by the Holy Spirit is not just in the heart either.

          MNb, I know you have commented on my comments before yet you never seem to learn, see Moroni 10:3-5 for how you may know the truthfulness of Jesus, or for more detailed instructions Alma 32.

          Also, saying you are completely free to doubt the existence of God is not being condescending, it is directly contradicting the claims which Russell’s Teapot was designed to address and were there an orthodox Christian of a philosophical nature here they would disagree with me on that just as much as you do on other things.

          • Paul S

            “Jesus is not invisible.”

            Care to point Him out?

          • joe

            Believer, the onus of proof is on you to demonstrate the truth of your claims. The onus is not on those who doubt.

            And Bertrand Russell is as overrated a philosopher as there ever was – terrible on Plato, Bacon, Descartes, Machiavelli, and Nietzsche.

          • JohnH

            If I were attempting to prove my claims then sure.

          • joe

            The first truthful thing you have said; you’re aren’t trying to “prove” your assertions, you’re just re-asserting them over and over again as if saying something enough times makes it true.

  • MNb

    Ha, I have read your first book a couple of weeks ago already; no need for me to wait for some random holiday.
    I thought the chapter on the Turin shroud superfluous. What’s more, recently I have read that according to some researchers the thing actually might be almost 20 centuries old indeed. But so what? How does an authentic shroud prove a resurrection? At the very best it proves a dead Jesus. Well, that’s no surprise after a crucifixion.

  • AndrewR

    Chris, Is there any chance of this book appearing in an actual ebook format? It is not practical to read PDFs on a phone or a Kindle

    • UsingReason

      Actually the kindle natively supports PDFs.

      • Chris Hallquist

        I have a Kindle, and while it technically supports PDFs, the support is not great. I have tried to use free software found on the internet to convert PDFs to .mobi, but my first efforts in this area did not turn out well, and I have been too lazy to try to figure out how to make them turn out right. I may or may not eventually get off my ass in regards to that. Or, if someone who knows their way around file formats better than I do were willing to do the conversion and send me the files, I could upload them and add links to them.

        • UsingReason

          The software you are looking for is called Calibre and it is free. You can edit, format and tag your books and create whatever version you like for any ereader out there. I did a quick conversion and took a look at the epub version; seems to have come out pretty good. I can send epub and mobi versions to you if you’d like.

          • UsingReason

            It’s not perfect but it’s definitely readable. For serious editing you’d want to use Sigil to edit epubs.

          • Chris Hallquist

            I sent you an e-mail.

        • DrVanNostrand

          I’ve formatted e-books for my sister. My experience was that the best way to start was with a word or text file, convert to html, and then assemble into an e-book. If the formatting isn’t too complicated, i.e. it’s mostly a wall of text, it only takes a few minutes per chapter. E-books operate well on html formatting and linking principles.

    • AndrewR

      Chris, I had some spare time so I’ve done an eBook conversion of the book with hyperlinked chapter headings and references. Drop me an email if you’d like me to send you a copy.

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