We have a Token Skeptic!

Well, I’m pretty sure we’re all skeptics on the Patheos atheist channel, but I’d like to welcome Kylie Surgess and her blog Token Skeptic to Pathes! Kylie is a philosophy teacher in Australia and, among other things, the host of the long-running Token Skeptic podcast and a contributor to The Australian Book of Atheism. Go give her a warm welcome!

  • Kylie Sturgess

    Hello! Thanks so much – blogging will start tomorrow, once school for the day is over.

  • hf

    Pathes does seem like an interesting name for a website.

  • andyman409

    As odd as it sounds, not all atheists are skeptics. From what I’ve read, there is a surprising amount of woo’s that actually consider themselves atheists. I think Michael Persinger, the guy who did the notorious God-helmet, is one.
    At any rate, Kylee is one of the brightest skeptics I’ve come across. I look forward to whatever she writes here.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Huh. I just checked Wikipedia’s article on Persinger; I didn’t realize the “God Helmet” thing had taken a lot of criticism from the scientific community. And apparently he’s been involved in parapsychology and has some other dubious theory about UFO sightings.

      • andyman409

        Yeah, they tried replicating it twice and failed. “The God Helmet” is a great demonstration of the power of suggestion- Susan Blackburn thought she experienced an OBE in it!

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