A shift of emphasis

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to spend less time criticizing religion, and more time working on issues related to AI and existential risk. I don’t currently have any plans of going as far as Luke Muehlhauser of Common Sense Atheism did, and abandon writing about religion entirely, but you may notice a shift of emphasis from this point forward.

Or you may not. I’ve never been shy about using my blog to write about whatever the hell I felt like writing about, including Star Wars. But after finishing writing my second book and now that, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m spending an increasing amount of time going back to grad school, I thought I’d throw up a post giving myself official permission to spend less time on religion.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been a particularly avid reader of philosophy blogs, and my readings of blogs related to AI, x-risk, and futurism in general has always felt somewhat limited (mostly to OvercomingBias and LessWrong), so: does anyone have any blog recommendations in those categories? Podcasts would be good too. I’ve been burning through the Freakonomics podcast lately (huge thanks to commenter Mastema for recommending it), but I’m going to exhaust their archives before long, and I’ll need something to listen to when I’m done with it.

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