Best religion-blog comments sections?

In the last couple days, I’ve started participating a bit in Leah Libresco’s comment section. I’m not generally a big fan of other people’s comment sections, but Leah’s have a unique flavor to them that I enjoy a lot, which I think comes from the fact that she was an atheist blogger before becoming a Catholic blogger.

What other religion-blog comment sections are really good in that way? Randal Rauser and Victor Reppert’s blogs also seem to feature a lot of atheist-Christian interactions, but often it’s atheists arguing with the host, which gets old fast. So what else is there? (And please, DON’T say Ed Feser. Don’t even start.)

Edit: I should clarify that by “religion blogs” I mean to include atheist blogs and really any blog on Patheos or that could conceivably be a candidate for joining Patheos. I almost said “Patheos blogs,” but didn’t want to limit it in that way.

Note that this isn’t to say I don’t already know of many good atheist blogs, here and elsewhere. But many of my favorite atheist blogs have comment sections that I find positively awful, or that just never hooked me. So where the good comments sections are is what I need to know.

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