Best religion-blog comments sections?

In the last couple days, I’ve started participating a bit in Leah Libresco’s comment section. I’m not generally a big fan of other people’s comment sections, but Leah’s have a unique flavor to them that I enjoy a lot, which I think comes from the fact that she was an atheist blogger before becoming a Catholic blogger.

What other religion-blog comment sections are really good in that way? Randal Rauser and Victor Reppert’s blogs also seem to feature a lot of atheist-Christian interactions, but often it’s atheists arguing with the host, which gets old fast. So what else is there? (And please, DON’T say Ed Feser. Don’t even start.)

Edit: I should clarify that by “religion blogs” I mean to include atheist blogs and really any blog on Patheos or that could conceivably be a candidate for joining Patheos. I almost said “Patheos blogs,” but didn’t want to limit it in that way.

Note that this isn’t to say I don’t already know of many good atheist blogs, here and elsewhere. But many of my favorite atheist blogs have comment sections that I find positively awful, or that just never hooked me. So where the good comments sections are is what I need to know.

  • Kevin

    “Victor Reppert’s blogs also seem to feature a lot of atheist-Christian interactions, but often it’s atheists arguing with the host, which gets old fast.”

    This isn’t really the case. Victor doesn’t really comment that much and a lot of the theists are intolerant of dissenting views, being quick to call scientism, and references to “Dawkins-fanboy” and the “Cult of Gnu” are abundant. I find it hard to have a serious discussion over there without someone misrepresenting what I have said, even after several clarifications. I’ve found that it’s futile trying to have a civil conversation over there, so I’ve basically given up trying.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Okay, so not worthwhile, though in a different (and perhaps worse) way than I thought. So if I’m going to start commenting at either Rauser or Reppert’s blog, I guess I’ll go with Rauser.

  • X

    As long as you’re polite, no-one will care that you’re an atheist over there and Fred Clark disagrees with most fundamentalist Christians and cares about most of the same issues atheist bloggers cover.

    • Slow Learner

      Slacktivist is a pretty good community; worth diving into when there’s a good thread started.

    • Chris Hallquist

      I read his blog, maybe should read his comments more. I also read James McGrath, and the same could be said there. Hmmm…

  • MNb

    I like Jason Rosenhouse’s Evolution blog. But my taste might be different from yours; Leah L doesn’t interest me.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Rosenhouse is awesome, shame he doesn’t update more often.

  • Peter

    You are more than welcome to join us at

    We have a community of over 14,000 active posters.

  • J. Quinton

    What’s your criteria for “best”? Do you want atheist-Christian debates in the comments, or just comments without debates between atheists and Christians in the comments?

    I like the blog Vridar as it’s a very informative “biblioblog”

    • Chris Hallquist

      It doesn’t matter, exactly. Just interesting comments I’d want to participate in. If it plays out the right way, atheist-Christian debate can be a plus, but not always.

  • Emmet

    Also Catholicism Pure and Simple – haven’t read it for a while but I remember it having a robust comments section.

  • Emmet

    A smaller religious blog that has always struck me as having an unusual comments section is Judith Wright’s Joyful Papist.
    Unusual in that the regular commenters are a hugely diverse bunch of atheists, Catholics, kind-of Catholics, Protestants and others who all seem to get along well.
    Wright is a sane and civilised voice in the blogosphere who is well-regarded by those who read her.
    Search her archives – she did a series on marriage a while ago, and covers a wide range of topics.