Guest comments now enabled

When the comment system was changed over, the people at Patheos initially set the system to disallow guest comments, so that people had to have some kind of profile with Disqus in order to comment. Then, immediately after the change-over happened, the number of comments I was getting on posts noticeably and immediately dropped off.

It could be that people just didn’t find the posts of the past couple days that interesting, but if you’ve been deterred from commenting by needing a profile, I apologize and the problem has now been fixed. It didn’t occur to me that this might be an issue for some people, but I certainly understand that it can be annoying feeling like you need a new profile for every site you participate in, and I know it’s sometimes stopped me from commenting on posts at certain sites.

Feel free to use this thread to report any other issues you’ve been having with the comment system, or e-mail me (Google ID challquist).

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