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Why isn’t there more progress in philosophy?

Now that I’m done expressing my skepticism of Chalmers’ claims about progress in philosophy of mind, I want to look at the explanations he gives for why there hasn’t been more progress in philosophy. [Read more…]

Fifty year intervals

I’m 25 right now. According to current US life expectancies, that means I’ve got 50 years left. I expect I’ll get more than that, thanks to improving health care and looking after my health at least a bit better than the average USian, but 50 is a nice round number to set to thinking with. [Read more…]

Chalmers on philosophical progress, part 1.5: behaviorism

In part 1, I talked about Chalmers’ proposed kinds of philosophical progress, and expressed some skepticism about them. I was going to make the next post about the explanations Chalmers considers for why there hasn’t been more progress, but first, [Read more…]

Oh wow, they really weren’t kidding about the comment system change-over

Okay, so it appears that the great comment-system change over has finally begun. The folks at Patheos really weren’t kidding when they said that some comments may be lost temporarily… the last few days worth of comments are gone. [Read more…]

Is milk bad for you?

I’ve long heard vegans trumpet alleged links between milk and prostate cancer as a way of discouraging people from drinking milk. My reaction to that has tended to be that, prima facie, vegans have a point about the ethics of milk (or at least how we currently produce it), but it’s probably just wishful thinking [Read More…]

Another anti-Batman post (or: why I like graphic violence in my superhero comics)

I realize my last anti-Batman post was less than a month ago (see also: the original “Batman sucks” post), but this interview with Sam Harris has reminded me of another huge problem I have with Batman. First, from the interview: [Read more…]

The (technological) revolution will not be televised

Last week, Randal Rauser posted a 1956 ad for long-distance phone service: [Read more…]

Thoughts on religion after a year in Asia: separating “religion” from “Abrahamic monotheism”

I have now spent a year of my life in Asia. I have seen the world’s largest solid-gold Buddha statue (so shinny, I failed to take a glare-free picture of it!): [Read more…]

I need to read more Derek Parfit

Brian Leiter links to a fascinating interview with Larissa MacFarquhar, who has among other things profiled philosopher Derek Parfit. I’ve become acquainted with Parfit’s ideas on personal identity through the classes I’ve taken on metaphysics as well as Chalmers’ paper on the singularity, but I confess I’ve never read any of Parfit’s books before. From [Read More…]