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The problem with libertarianism in a nutshell

I’ve previously written about how I’ve gone from being draw to the “libertarian” label to being comfortable calling myself a liberal. But lately, I think I’ve been putting together some pieces about what, exactly, is wrong with libertarianism. [Read more…]

Chalmers on philosophical progress, part 1

In the comments on my post where I summarized the problems I see with philosophy, Alexander Johannesen very helpfully linked to a paper by David Chalmers on progress in philosophy. I hadn’t seen this paper before, so let’s have a look at it. [Read more…]

Tracking progress in AI is really hard

A lot of the work I’ve done for MIRI has involved trying to track progress in artificial intelligence. Not so-called “general intelligence,” but specific things ranging from playing games like chess and Scrabble to recognizing faces and objects to understanding and translating human language. And it turns out that figuring out how much progress there’s [Read More…]

A shift of emphasis

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to spend less time criticizing religion, and more time working on issues related to AI and existential risk. I don’t currently have any plans of going as far as Luke Muehlhauser of Common Sense Atheism did, and abandon writing about religion entirely, but you may notice [Read More…]

A summary of the problems I see with philosophy–and why I’m thinking of going back anyway

This is a post I’ve been struggling to write for awhile. It’s a response to a couple questions I got in the March open thread, one by someone who wanted to have a “link handy when I want to show people just how crappy (analytic) philosophy is,” while the other asked, “Since you spend a [Read More…]

Watching a deconversion in real-time

The reader who I respond to here has given me permission to reveal that he is frequent commenter smidoz, who’s decided to go public with his loss of faith on his blog: [Read more…]

Were the Stormtroopers under orders to let the heroes escape?

I’ve previously written about how the original Star Wars movies treat the Imperial Stormtroopers far more respectfully than movies treat their nameless bad guys. But there’s still the problem of the Stormtroopers repeatedly missing the heroes at close range. [Read more…]

The harm done by anti-male sexism

Scott Alexander has a post up titled, Arguments About Male Violence Prove Too Much, originally titled, “Schrödinger’s Rapist Proves Too Much,” changed out of uncertainty that the well-known “Schrödinger’s RapistSchrödinger’s Rapist” argument was the best example of what the kind of argument he was critiquing. [Read more…]

Comment system update

Quick update to this post: apparently, the change-over of the comment system is taking longer than expected, and it’s not really clear when it will happen. However, I’ve been assured that while some comments may be temporarily lost, no comments should be lost permanently. Thus, consider regular blogging resumed. [Read more…]