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Sam Harris vs. Glenn Greenwald on Islam

As a huge fan of both Sam Harris and Glenn Greenwald, I feel like I ought to comment on this exchange. I’m a little unsure what to say though, because Greenwald’s points are a mixture of plausible and nonsensical. [Read more…]

RIP Roger Ebert

As you may have heard by now, film critic Roger Ebert has died. In the wake of his death, a lot of people are passing around an essay he wrote on the subject, which begins: [Read more…]

From the archives: In Defense of Food isn’t about nutrition (a review)

I’ve been meaning to do some reading up on/blogging about scientific nutrition and scientific health and general, and it occurred to me that it might be worth starting off by reposting my review, first published in September 2009, of Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food. [Read more…]

A Citizen of Earth joins Patheos!

Ha! We’ve poached another former Freethought Blogger: Hank Fox’s blog A Citizen of Earth is now on Patheos! Head over and give Hank a warm “Hello.” (While you’re at it, you may want to read my review of Hank’s book Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist.) [Read more…]

Keith Parsons’ “Taxonomy of Interlocutors”

Yesterday, Keith Parson’s posted a very interesting “Taxonomy of Interlocutors.” The first and last categories, “The Troll” and “The Rational Responder,” are self-explanatory, but what makes the post noteworthy is what Parsons puts in-between: [Read more…]

Philosophy of religion without apologetics?

Recently, in an exercise in thinking about things that are way too far off in the future to be really thinking about, I wondered: “If I do eventually get a Ph.D. in philosophy, and end up on the philosophy job market, will I list philosophy of religion as an AoC?” (AoC stands for Area of [Read More…]

Yeah, I’ve smoked weed (and haven’t gotten in trouble ‘cuz I’m white)

I am one of the 41% of Americans who’ve smoked marijuana at some point in their lives. Mostly in college. I’ve never been big into it. For me, it’s like going to a mediocre genre flick: enjoyable, something I’ll do if it’s what my friends want to do but not something I seek out. [Read more…]

April open thread

Given my current posting rate, monthly seems about right for frequency of open threads. So expect one of these on the first of every month, or shortly thereafter–in this case, I was terrified of posting anything yesterday lest it be mistaken for an April Fools joke. [Read more…]