Commenter appreciation day (May open thread)

I accordance with the decision I made last month, here is your monthly open thread. Talk about whatever you want, though as always questions and post suggestsions are especially welcome.

I decided to name this open thread “commenter appreciation day,” because let’s face it, you guys are awesome. I think I would have quit blogging long ago if not for all of you. You’re an incredibly value source of information and, often, information I wouldn’t otherwise have, from helping me get up to speed on the Old Testament to recommending podcasts. So thanks to you all.

(Speaking of Podcasts, I’m rapidly burning through the archives of the Freakonomics Podcast. Once I’m done with it, what should I start on next?)

One other note: as you’re all probably aware by now, we’ve switched the commenting system over to Disqus. Libby Anne has a far better guide to the new system than I’ve been able to write. Notably, I’d like to second her request for regular commenters to actually register with Disqus–it will make commenting here a lot easier.

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