Discussion topic: presuppositionalism

It’s been awhile since I’ve tangled with the brand of Christian apologetics called presuppositionalism.

For those who don’t know what presuppositionalism is… I’m not sure anyone can be told what presuppositionalism is, you really have to experience the incoherence for yourself. But for a taste, see this post that I wrote just over a year ago (which I think last post I’d written on presuppositionalism until now)

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m in the mood to have a discussion about presuppositionalism again, but am no longer sure what sources for presuppositionalist arguments are currently considered “standard” in circles where they’re popular: so, commenters, send me your links! Or, summaries/questions about things you’ve encountered if you can’t dig up the links. I and other commenters can pick things apart in the comments; maybe I’ll even do a post or two based on the links people send me.

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