On disemvowelling and creationism

As some of you have no doubt noticed, I’ve disemvowelled a fair number of comments in the past week. This is partly because while I like the degree of transparency disemvowelling allows for in principle, disemvowelling rather than simply deleting comments that violate my comment policy was too much work… until now.

You see, I’ve been learning to program in Python, and midway through an “online intro to Python” thing I’ve been doing, I realized it had given me everything I’d need to write a Python script for disemvowelling text. The script is here, if anyone else wants to use it. It’s set to loop until you hit “enter” without entering any text; the “special commands” are just hitting “1” or “2” to generate a couple stock-warnings specific to this blog, but which can be easily replaced with something else if you want to use that feature for yourself.

While I’m on the topic of comment moderation, I should mention that I will be very unsympathetic, comment-moderation wise, to comments espousing creationism or attacking evolution. This is because, while I’m happy to let people debate the moral acceptability of genocide or whatever, the evolution-creationism debate has been done to death, even more so that some of the other issues discussed on this blog. The scientific consensus is absolutely overwhelming, and there is a website anyone can access that has refutations of damn near every creationist argument ever made.

This does not mean I am banning creationism entirely from the comments here. It does mean that if you come here saying atheists are stupid because they think everything happened by chance, other people will be free to point out without further elaboration that you are obviously either stupid, ignorant, or dishonest, and I will do nothing about it. That’s because they’ll be right, and the reasons they will be right have been explained so many times that they shouldn’t have to re-explain it.

(It occurs to me that this thread will be much more entertaining if one or more creationists start commenting on it. One reason for not banning creationism entirely.)

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