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Star Trek’s reactionary take on human enhancement

Reading transhumaist fiction makes Star Trek look as reactionary as Lord of the Rings. All of Trek’s greatest villains are enhanced, while enhanced heroes are relegated to Token Orc status. [Read more…]

Is there more to life than happiness?

Pleasure isn’t all we care about that. Is the same true of happiness? If religion had a positive effect on happiness, would you want to be religious? Could Paris Hilton ever be happy? [Read more…]

On the stupidity of asking, “but where’s the evidence we need evidence for things?”

Dealing with a Christian who insists asking for evidence is self-defeating. [Read more…]

Do 29 percent of Americans really think an armed revolution might be necessary in the next few years?

Brian Lieter links to the following story, concluding “Large numbers of Americans are completely nuts”: Supporters and opponents of gun control have very different fundamental beliefs about the role of guns in American society. Overall, the poll finds that 29 percent of Americans think that an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be [Read More…]

Who do you want me to interview?

Hi everybody, last year I talked a bit about starting up a podcast, but never sorted out the technical difficulties. Now I think I’ve managed to do that, and need people to interview, so consider this a thread to offer suggestions. [Read more…]

Who takes the likes of Sye Ten Bruggencate seriously?

Sye Ten Bruggencate makes Bill O’Reilly look smart. So how does he manage to make a living as a full-time apologist? Could young-earth creationism be the answer? [Read more…]

I wish more Christians knew this Bible verse

If only more Christians knew what the Bible really says about prayer… [Read more…]

How intelligible is intelligence?

This is important, because if all we need to make human-level AI is a relatively small number of key insights, the development of human-level AI might come seemingly out of nowhere. On the other hand, if it’s going to take a slow grind of R&D, we’re likely to get more of a warning. There are also potential implications for the impact of AI and what we can do to manage it. So how intelligible is intelligence? [Read more…]

Greta Christina on infighting vs. healthy debate

A week ago, Greta Christina posted an article she had written that originally appeared in Free Inquiry on the difference between infighting and healthy debate. Her suggested criteria are mostly very good, with a couple I’d quibble with and a couple that look hopeless. [Read more…]