Who do you want me to interview?

Hi everybody, last year I talked a bit about starting up a podcast, but never sorted out the technical difficulties. Now I think I’ve managed to do that, and need people to interview, so consider this a thread to offer suggestions.

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  • Jon Thompson

    Stefan molyneux

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/hallq/ Chris Hallquist

      Topic? As much detail as possible would be appreciated.

      • Jon Thompson

        Atheist vs Christian homeschooling

  • ncovington89

    Susan Haack and/or Timothy McGrew on epistemology.

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/hallq/ Chris Hallquist

      Timothy McGrew, the Christian apologist? Probably not, unless it’s an interview-debate. Susan Haack might be interesting, though I don’t know as much about her work as some people. Suggestions for specific topics within the umbrella of “epistemology”?

  • Kevin

    How about Luke? Possible topics would be his activities post Common Sense Atheism, whether there is anything new information or something that he hasn’t covered concerning religion (academic or public arena), and what he currently thinks about desirism.

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/hallq/ Chris Hallquist

      I’d love to interview Luke about his work with MIRI, assuming he has the time. He’s way busy with that stuff. He’s has really stopped putting any energy at all into atheism, so he probably wouldn’t have a good answer to the second question. His current position on desirism is here:


  • nichevo

    it’s a tall order, but i’d like to see you interview john searle re: the chinese room. i am interested to learn more about the moral he draws from that thought experiment and whether it has implications for naturalism.

  • Switchhttr69

    How about a chat with A. C. Grayling? Discuss The God Argument and/or The Good Book, or something else entirely.

  • http://nolscuriosity.wordpress.com/ Nolan

    How about Jeffrey Jay Lowder on pro-naturalism arguments, and their responses. Or Richard Carrier on pro-naturalism arguments or how to define naturalism. I feel like many could benefit from a wider view of metaphysical naturalism.

    John Shook and Tom Clark come to mind on the same general topics as well.

    • ncovington89

      I second Nolan’s motion! Jeffrey Jay Lowder and Richard Carrier are both must-interviews!

  • Msironen

    Sye Ten Bruggencate! :P

  • http://patheos.com/blogs/hallq/ Chris Hallquist

    You submitted it twice, just a matter of needing moderator approval if you’re not registered with Disqus. I’ve been whitelisting people after they get a couple of comments here.

  • magnus08

    Peter Boghossian on his upcoming book “A Manual for Creating Atheists.” It would be interesting to know whether he’s OK with people who claim to believe in God but do little to nothing to promote their faith (i.e., they’re essentially functional atheists).

  • magnus08

    Also, Vic Stenger on his new book, “God and the Atom.” Does he think there’s reliable evidence that the Universe has always existed?