Holy crap: “ex-gay” ministry apologizes and announces it is shutting down. What does this mean?

When I first heard via Hemant Mehta and Fred Clarke that the infamous “ex-gay” ministry had apologized to everyone it hurt and announced it was shutting down, I almost couldn’t belief it. It was like hearing Ken Ham admit that actually the Earth is billions of years old, or Josh McDowell admit that actually there’s no evidence Christianity is true.

It actually isn’t entirely surprising, though, given that Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, had already admitted that “ex-gays” don’t really exist. Dan Savage covered the story here, drawing parallels between what Chambers was saying last year and what queer classic The Boys in the Band said more than 40 years before that.

But this is more than just admitting they were wrong, Alan Chambers is now apologizing in a way that acknowledges the hurt he caused, and Exodus isn’t trying to find some way to change course after correcting their mistakes, but is shutting down.

Hemant’s commentary is really good, and I strongly recommend watching his video if you don’t mind that it’s a video. (I strongly prefer text to video for just absorbing information, but Hemant’s video is at least short.) To me, this seems like a major milestone in the decline of Christianity and America… both because evangelicals still haven’t found a good way out of their homosexuality dilemma, and because “homosexuality is a disease that can be cured” was a major pillar of fundie alternate-reality alongside creationism and bad Biblical scholarship.

Oh, and by the way, William Lane Craig has promoted Exodus International’s brand of “Christian counseling” before. Who wants to write him and ask him if he’ll follow Alan Chambers in apologizing?