How do we go back to having movies that aren’t just copying last year’s movies?

A year ago, when reviewing Joss Whedon’s Avengers, I wrote: “Hollywood is now stuck in the trap of always trying to copy last year’s summer blockbuster (contrast Star Wars, which copied from many different sources spread out over several decades, plus Joseph Campbell.)” More recently, my impressions of Hollywood today were confirmed when I read that there is now literally a book with a formula for screenwriting that has taken over Hollywood.

My question: how the fuck do we fix this? I see my fair share of blockbusters in the theater and enjoy them, but I’d really like to see more movies like the original Star Wars, or that at least have a decent shot at turning out to be Star Wars, than yet another movie that takes no risks whatsoever to ensure that it’s just mildly enjoyable.

Part of the issue, as I understand it, is that movies are fucking expensive and the people who fund them don’t want to take risks. Maybe someone needs to convince a billionaire with nothing better to do with his money that funding giving Joss Whedon a bunch of money to make any movie he wants, even if it isn’t profitable, would be a good way to show off how wealthy you are as a billionaire? Is there any way customers could realistically coordinate to force Hollywood to give us more original movies? Can we just hope everyone will get sick of anything too formulaic eventually and things will change? What?

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