My Unbelievable appearance is now available for listening and download

My appearance on the UK Christian radio show is now available for listening or downloading as a podcast here. Give it a listen, and discuss it here. A couple notes:

First, I kind of regret not referencing John Loftus’ outsider test for faith on the show directly, though I did allude to it indirectly when I recommended that Christians try to imagine how they would feel, hearing arguments similar to their own from a Mormon or Muslim.

I mention this partly because, after recording the show, I realized that John appeared on the show opposite Randal Rauser recently to discuss the outsider test. Notably, Randal didn’t dispute the validity of the outsider test. Instead, he tried to spin it into an attack on “naturalism.” I won’t rehash the problems with such arguments, because they don’t remotely affect my point about the weakness of the “evidence” for Jesus’ resurrection.

Second, during the show Justin (the host) brought up an alleged miracle a listener had e-mailed about. You can read the details here. Personally, it doesn’t sound like even a particularly impressive magic trick. And if any Christians think I’m being closed-minded saying that, they should imagine how they would respond to a similar report involving Sathya Sai Baba or Uri Geller.

Other than that, it doesn’t look like the Unbelievable website has a good place for listeners to discuss the show, so if some of Justin’s regular listeners were to stop by to comment, I’d be delighted to hear their perspective on the show.

UPDATE: The thread on the show for Unbelievable’s Facebook page is here.

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