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William Lane Craig puff piece in the Chronicle of Higher Ed

Dan Fincke alerted me to an article on William Lane Craig in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. It begins thus: When, during a conversation in a swank hotel lobby in Manhattan, I mentioned to Richard Dawkins that I was working on a story about William Lane Craig, the muscles in his face clenched. “Why are [Read More…]

Open thread

I haven’t done an open thread in awhile. I was meaning to get out a full post today, but of the several ideas I’ve got in my head right now, I don’t know what people would most be interested in. I could continue my series on the ignorance and dishonesty of Christian apologetics, talking about [Read More…]

Quick summary of the points I made on my appearance on Unbelievable

After reading a bit of feedback on my appearance on Unbelievable, I thought it might be worth giving a quick summary of the points I made on the show. Unfortunately, it was not a formal debate with closing statements, so there wasn’t a good time for me to do this during the show. [Read more…]

Review: Philosophy of Mathematics, ed. Paul Benacerraf & Hilary Putnam

A friend lending me a book on philosophy of mathematics and asking me to review it reminded me of just how much philosophers are defined by the questions they ask. [Read more…]

My Unbelievable appearance is now available for listening and download

My appearance on the UK Christian radio show is now available for listening or downloading as a podcast. Give it a listen, and discuss it here. [Read more…]

The ignorance and dishonesty of Christian apologetics, part 2: New Testament scholarship and Josh McDowell

In my post on the ignorance of Christian apologists regarding evolution, I promised a follow-up post on their handling of New Testament scholarship. But I wrote the post, I realized I’d have to break it up; this entry will focus first on some general remarks about Biblical scholarship, then on Josh McDowell. I need to [Read More…]

Appearing on Unbelievable

Last night (or very early this morning, depending on how you look at it), I recorded an interview for the British Christian radio show Unbelievable. The host was Justin Brierly, and I was debating Calum Miller on the topic of Jesus’ resurrection. [Read more…]