Communication skills

When I was younger, people told me about the importance of communication skills, and I sorta didn’t believe them. They sounded like mushy BS and like they weren’t actually about communicating, but just making people feel better.

Since then, I’ve learned better. Communication skill are very important. And they’re actually about asking questions like: “Do you like hack and slash? Or is it more about the story and portraying your character’s personality? Or are you really just here to hang out with your friends, drink beer, and eat pizza? Is it important to you to have a rich campaign setting that you can integrate into your character’s background? How do you feel about total party kills: never, when the party fails to figure out the correct tactical response to an encounter, every session, or multiple times per session?” (The last two answers indicate you should be playing Call of Cthulhu or Paranoia, respectively.)

Alternatively, they’re about asking, “how do you like your rope bondage?”

(At this point in my life, I should no longer be surprised by the overlaps between BDSM and nerdom.)

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  • Kellen Connor

    Very well, thank you.

  • Mick

    When I hear people talking about bondage I wonder how they’ll feel when they suddenly realise that the other person is not going to stop.

    • Kevin

      When I hear people talking about sex I wonder how they’ll feel when
      they suddenly realise that the other person is not going to stop.

  • Andyman409

    Never heard of Paranoia, but after a bit of reading it looks ALOT like system shock 1 and the 2nd fallout game.
    they really don’t make em like they used to!

  • Highlander

    Man, I haven’t played Paranoia in ages. Now I want to go get my trusty six shot laser pistol so I can find some trouble and shoot it. Preferably communist trouble, but I’ll settle for a secret society, a robot insurrection or just a plain old computer glitch. Roll for circular logic and hope you don’t end up with a new clone being dropped off by ballistic missile.