What are you going to do with that?

A friend of mine just sent me this quote (source):

“I’m curious. How do you get a job like this?”

The woman looks up from the papers spread across her desk, and wipes her nose with the tissue again. “Working for an arms dealer who happens to be a demon?” She shrugs. “Like I had anything better to do with a philosophy degree.”

  • L.Long

    Well there is an old insult…
    You get a liberal arts degree when you are not bright enough for real work.
    Ya I know many with such degrees and they are better than me has I have none.
    But she works for a demon? Green – Red or blue? It makes a difference as the blue ones are the worse!!! Works for arms dealer? Is that a legal profession? If so what’s the problem? All jobs suck and all bosses are demons.
    I told my kids to avoid this problem was to get a job they really liked to do, that way the demon boss is tolerable.
    But if arms dealer is illegal? she must have just sort of walked into it and was desperate.

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