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My blogging on LessWrong

I just put up a long post at LessWrong that I hope will interest readers of this blog. Since I hope to be doing quite a bit of that over the next month, I figured it would be worth making a post that I’d periodically update to list all my major contributions to LessWrong. The [Read More…]

Claims of a “confession” to “inventing Jesus” are almost certainly bull

Oh my historical scholarship, the things that go viral… so I just saw a bunch of people in my Facebook/Twitter feeds, including Richard Dawkins of all people, sharing an article titled, “Ancient Confession Found: ‘We Invented Jesus Christ.’” The instant I saw the headline, I could tell that it was almost certainly bullshit. [Read more…]

What America needs now is a constitutional monarch

In the category of viewpoint changes I never expected to have… a couple months ago, when the whole royal baby thing was in the news, I read a surprisingly convincing case that constitutional monarchy is a great form of government. About the same time, Gwern convinced my the American revolution was a bad idea. And [Read More…]

Finally: my ideological Turing test Christian round strategy

At long last, Leah Libresco has posted the answer key for this year’s ideological Turing test, so now I can finally talk about my strategy for my entry on the Christian side. When Leah suggested making the topics for this year’s polyamory and euthanasia, I begged her to do it. Which in retrospect may have [Read More…]

William Lane Craig gets something right

Let it never be said I can’t find something nice to say about anybody. Sort of. From William Lane Craig’s book On Guard, which I bought on Kindle awhile ago but only recently started reading: A person who has been raised in a culture that is sympathetic to the Christian faith will be open to [Read More…]

Guest post by Pope Francis

Not really. But it seems like everyone is talking about Pope Francis’ recent remarks on gays (and abortion and contraception), but I haven’t seen any bloggers actually post his remarks in full, so I’m going to go ahead and do that. The remarks come from a much longer interview, in response to a question specifically [Read More…]

What’s the deal with the Beloved Disciple in the Gospel of John?

Recently, I picked up Richard Bauckham’s book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, a book I’ve seen heavily touted recently by some Christian apologists. Part of my reason for picking it up was just because I had trouble telling, from the apologists’ description, what exactly Bauckham was arguing. It turns out that much of the book devoted [Read More…]

Programming note

I was camping over Labor Day weekend, and then got home to a rather stressful situation involving my plans to move out of my apartment. Nothing for any readers to worry about, except it threw a wrench in my plans to get a few blog posts out before getting back from camping. Expect a few [Read More…]

My favorite atheist-theist debates (mostly involve William Lane Craig lying about his opponents)

Awhile ago someone asked me on Facebook for my favorite atheist-theist debates. I was pretty quick to answer “William Lane Craig’s debates with Bart Ehrman, Sam Harris, Stephen Law, and Shelley Kagan.” [Read more…]