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Warfare in the Old Testament

Previously: Greek poetry  [Read more…]

Randal Rauser on William Lane Craig’s defense of the Canaanite genocide

This is interesting. Looks like Randal Rauser is going to be doing a series on William Lane Craig’s defense of the Canaanite genocide. From the first post: [Read more…]

Greek poetry

Previously: An abridged Bible reading challenge [Read more…]

An abridged Bible reading challenge (quasi-finalized)

This is yet another revision of my “abridged Bible reading challenge,” the previous iteration of which you can read here. This time, I’m writing for inclusion in the book, hence references to “this chapter” and so on. [Read more…]

Will Craig’s defenders also defend Duane Gish? (with comments on two of Craig’s debates)

In the aftermath of the Craig-Rosenberg debate, this post seems to be getting a lot of attention. Many of the Christians showing up to comment on that post seem unable to wrap their heads around the idea that “winning” debates might often involve rather sleazy tactics. [Read more…]

Trigger warnings: give me input on them

This post contains a references to extreme forms of violence [Read more…]

Yglesias says robots won’t take all our jobs, but might lead to more enforced happiness

So apparently there’s this big restaurant chain that’s sending mystery shoppers around to make sure that staff at restaurants in the chain act super-happy all the time. Matt Yglesias thinks this  is a sign of some more profound issues: [Read more…]

If you want to go see Angkor Wat…

Right now I’m in Siem Reap, which is where you stay if you want to see the Angkor ruins, which most famously include Angkor Wat. I know I have at least one friend who will be coming this way soon, so I thought I’d type up some suggestions for people visiting here. [Read more…]

Geek dreams

I had the most amazing dream last night. I dreamed I was playing Magic: The Gathering with a borrowed deck, and it turned out the deck had some elaborate combo that allowed me to start my first turn with a 5/5 creature and two 8/8 creatures. [Read more…]