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Bravo JT

JT Eberhard, today (emphasis mine): When I came into atheism, the blogs were a great part of what pulled me in. There was so much information, so many people outraged just like me. The blogs banded us together. We didn’t all agree, but we shared a cause and we were focused. I’ve talked to so [Read More…]

Atheism Wins: The Rise of Popular Atheism and How Religion Lost the Argument

When I began writing this book in earnest roughly two years ago, I had already been blogging about religion for more than six years. I’d been following the debates even longer than that; I can trace my interest in them back to reading Thomas V. Morris’ Philosophy for Dummies when I was in middle school. [Read More…]

What are you going to do with that?

A friend of mine just sent me this quote (source): “I’m curious. How do you get a job like this?” The woman looks up from the papers spread across her desk, and wipes her nose with the tissue again. “Working for an arms dealer who happens to be a demon?” She shrugs. “Like I had [Read More…]

Bertrand Russell wrote great prose, predicted Cold War and America’s victory in it

I’ve moved around a lot, and it’s made me a big fan of ebooks. These days, I’ve been going very strongly towards getting rid of any physical book I can replace with an e-copy, for the sake convenience when I’m traveling/moving. But one exception I’ve made is for a lesser-known anthology of Bertrand Russell’s writings, [Read More…]

The sex worker terminology dilemma

On Twitter, I follow quite a few current and former sexworkers, partly as a side-effect of involvement in the kink community (e.g. I follow a couple pro dommes), partly because once I got going, I started discovering a lot of really interesting feeds. One place I have to disagree with most of them, though, is [Read More…]

No scientific evidence for that

A brilliant Facebook post by Kaj Sotala. Posted partly so I can link people here when I need to tell them there’s no scientific evidence for something: One of the biggest ways by which scientists and science-minded people fail to communicate with laypeople, I think, is with the phrase “there’s no scientific evidence for X”. [Read More…]

Trying to get back into blogging more / open thread

Hey everybody, lately I’ve been busy getting ready to go to App Academy in San Francisco in November, and generally not finding much energy for blogging. But I still have a TON of posts I want to write, some about religion, quite a few about AI-related issues, and at least one about superheros. I’m going [Read More…]

So I’ve been flipping through The Transhumanist Reader…

This post was originally going to be titled, “Currently reading: The Transhumanist Reader” (Amazon link), but I’m not sure I’ll continue reading it. There’s nothing really wrong with it, and many of the contributors are people whose work I already respect greatly (namely Nick Bostrom, Anders Sandberg, Robin Hanson, and Russell Blackford). It’s just that [Read More…]

Communication skills

When I was younger, people told me about the importance of communication skills, and I sorta didn’t believe them. They sounded like mushy BS and like they weren’t actually about communicating, but just making people feel better. Since then, I’ve learned better. Communication skill are very important. And they’re actually about asking questions like: “Do [Read More…]