Why voting for drug-warrior politicians is like voting for Hitler

I’m should be studying right now, but I just came across a target that was a little to easy to resist talking about: a Slate article that, among other things, attempts to explain “Why buying Cocaine is like donating to the Nazi party.”

I don’t want to in any way minimize the horrors described in the article, including:

No one has good numbers on the death toll of a given drug trade. I called and asked a few think tanks how many people cocaine has killed over the past 100 years and got mostly bemused laughs. Ioan Grillo, author of El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency, has thought about this as much as anyone. When I asked him, all he could guess was a number with nine figures in it.

Yet such facts could just as easily be used to write an article arguing that voting for politicians who support making cocaine illegal is like voting for Hitler. After all, the millions of people killed in the illegal cocaine trade wouldn’t have been killed if cocaine were legal.

Alternatively, you can imagine rewriting the article as a prohibition-era argument about the evils of alcohol:

When people back home drink a small glass of whiskey, they call it a “shot.” It’s a marvel of the English language that something so horrible, so corrosive can have such a cute little name. I wonder what Al Capone’s victims would have said to that innocuous little word. “Glad I could help brighten the party,” maybe?

Yup. Clearly alcohol is evil and prohibition should never have been repealed.

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