Kris Komarnitsky’s Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection

Kris Komarnitsky, author of Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection: What Happened In The Black Box?, just put out a second edition of the book. He asked me to help promote it, which I was happy to do because I think it’s a great book. Here’s the review I just posted on Amazon:

I’m an atheist blogger who’s spent years following the debate over Jesus’ resurrection, and have read countless books by authors on both sides of the debate. Having done this, I can say without a doubt that Kris Komarnitsky’s book is one of the best skeptical takes out there—possibly the best.

My only complaint is that Komarnitsky decided not to cover some of the basic issues in Biblical scholarship, such as the authorship of the gospels. If don’t know your Biblical scholarship 101 (which you don’t, if you know only what Christian apologists say about the Bible), I recommend reading Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection alongside Bart Ehrman’s Jesus, Interrupted.

In spite of this caveat, I hope everyone who cares about the subject of Jesus’ resurrection reads this excellent book.

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