I’m giving a talk on earning to give on June 8th

I’m giving a short talk on earning to give on June 8th, as part of a meetup that will include two other short talks relating to effective altruism. The event is taking place a 2pm at 1561 Cayuga Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112 (a private residence, but I have permission to post the address online). The address is within walking distance of the Balboa Park BART station, but has abundant free parking nearby. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here.

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  • Luke Breuer

    Have you thought at all about spreading beauty as well as goods? It’s actually ironic that the word ‘goods’ has come to mean material things, compared to the conception of ‘the good’ that was well-known by the ancient Greeks. Their conception of ‘the good’ included beauty. Anyhow, I’ve noticed in SF how the less wealthy one is, the fewer pretty things one gets. I wonder whether this is one way that poor people are influenced away from using their inborn creativity to create beauty: only rich people get beautiful things.