Adventures in clickbait: claims eight different cities are all the worst place ever

Awhile ago, I read a crappy article on about why San Francisco was supposedly the worst place ever. That is literally what they said. I’m not linking, but the headline was “Reasons Why San Francisco Is The Worst Place Ever.” I found on Facebook through one of my techie friends, which was odd because a good part of the article was shitting on techies, which promoted a “hey, not cool, you realize what this article is actually saying?” from another techie friend.

But I digress. Because about a week later, I saw someone else post an article on Facebook titled “Reasons Why Phoenix Is The Worst Place Ever.” And today, it was “Reasons Why Austin Is The Worst Place Ever.” I decided to do a Google site search for “Worst Place Ever” and found identically-titled articles for Los Angeles, Washington D.C., London, Copenhagen, and Paris.

If you pressed Vice on this, I suppose they’d claim that of course it’s good-natured hyperbole and their readers are in on the joke. But what actually seems to be happening is that people who’ve spent a lot of time in city X will share the “Reasons Why City X Is The Worst Place Ever” on Facebook without even realizing the other articles exist. How amusing.

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