My talk on earning to give

Which I gave last weekend, can be found here. I learned a lot from the ensuing discussion, which is included in the linked audio, so I strongly recommend you give it a listen.

The discussion continued after the part recorded above, and during that time someone made an interesting point, relevant to wannabe tech entrepreneurs, that I think is worth sharing: supposedly entrepreneurs generally only capture a couple percent of the value they create. If that’s true, it doesn’t automatically make entrepreneurship a noble endeavor in all cases, because some entrepreneurs make things like Candy Crush that people only spend money on when they’re well-off and have nothing better to spend their money on than trivialities. But if you, as an entrepreneur, make something that people in the developing world are willing to pay for (which they’ll only do if it really is providing value to them), that may be a good way to do a lot of good. I don’t know how to put this into practice, but it’s something to consider.

Edit: Here’s the online handout for my talk.

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