Give me your philosophical questions!

I’ve decided to try an experiment with blogging a lot more about philosophy. How long this experiment goes on will depend in part on the response to it. If after testing the waters there seems to be not much demand, I’ll probably pack it in. If there turns out to be a huge amount of demand, however, it may motivate me to return to my past blogging schedule of many blog-posts per week.

So please: if you like learning about philosophy, but have questions you can’t find good answers to, let me know! Ask me questions in the comments! Also: please share this post as widely as you can, because the more attention this gets, the more time I’m likely to put into this project. That’s what the “share” buttons at the bottom of this post are for!

Note that my goal mostly won’t be to advocate any particular answer to the philosophical questions I talk about. I can be opinionated about philosophy at times, but mostly my opinion is that nobody has the answers to most of these questions. What I want to do is address the problem that amateur philosophy buffs all too often only hear one side of any given question, because nobody is bothering to present the other sides in an accessible fashion.

So please: send me send me those questions! And don’t forget to tell all your friends!

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