My blogging on LessWrong (will be updated)

Here is a complete list of my posts on LessWrong, both “Main” and “Discussion,” starting with the most recent. The list of just “Main” posts, by upvotes, is as follows (upvotes in parentheses, * indicates a promoted post):

  1. A Voting Puzzle, Some Political Science, and a Nerd Failure Mode (85*)
  2. Neuroscience Basics for Lesswrongians (82*)
  3. According to Dale Carnegie, You Can’t Win an Argument—and He Has a Point (61)
  4. Bayesianism for Humans (50*)
  5. Self-Congratulatory Rationalism (47)
  6. The Statistician’s Fallacy (39)
  7. Only You Can Prevent Your Mind From Getting Killed By Politics (38)
  8. Yes, Virginia, You Can Be 99.99% (Or More!) Certain That 53 Is Prime (37)
  9. White Lies (37)
  10. Truth: It’s Not That Great (33)
  11. Things I Wish They’d Taught Me When I Was Younger: Why Money Is Awesome (31)
  12. No Universally Compelling Arguments in Math or Science (29)
  13. The Limits of Intelligence and Me: Domain Expertise (28)
  14. Trusting Expert Consensus (27)
  15. Lone Genius Bias and Returns on Additional Researchers (24)
  16. Two Kinds of Irrationality and How to Avoid One of Them (21)
  17. Mainstream Epistemology for LessWrong, Part 1: Feldman on Evidentialism (17)
  18. On Walmart, And Who Bears Responsibility For the Poor (13)
  19. The Evolutionary Heuristic and Rationality Techniques (11)
  20. Partial Transcript of the Hanson-Yudkowsky June 2011 Debate (10)
  21. Torture vs. Shampoo (8)
  22. Could Robots Take All Our Jobs?: A Philosophical Perspective (2)

Unlike previous posts linking to my blogging on LessWrong, I plan to update this one every so often. If there’s any old “Main” posts of mine I’ve failed to include, let me know.

Originally published 11/16/2013. Updated 2/23/2014 and again on 7/4/2014.

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