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Hey everybody! I want you all to know that I have a new blog at I know a lot of people have been unhappy about the awful ads and awful commenting system on my Patheos blog, which has in turn left me not-very-motivated to blog more, which has led to the blog just sort of dying. This is my solution to that.

Also, it’s been at least a year since I’ve done much atheism blogging here. I may still post here when I have things to say about religion (which I still do, in spite of being busy with other stuff lately). But non-atheism stuff will likely be at the WordPress blog.

I’m currently just using a default WordPress theme, and may try to prettify the blog in the future, but when I set it up I wanted to make sure I got an actual blog post out right away. So here it is: The case for donating to animal rights orgs:

This year, I am seriously considering making the bulk of my charitable donations to organizations working on animal rights, specifically Animal Charity Evaluators and two of the charities they recommend, Animal Equality and Mercy for Animals. I wanted to talk about my reasons for this, both to get feedback from other people in the effective altruism movement, and to convince some of them to do the same if I’m right.

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