Analogies for animal rights: civil rights vs. the antiwar movement

Last weekend, I praised an investigation by Direct Action Everywhere of a “certified humane” Whole Foods supplier.  If you haven’t watched the video yet, there’s a shorter version here that I recommend watching (though be warned that the video is disturbing). However, while I think DxE has done some very good things, there are major parts of their tactics [Read More...]

The dangers of generalization: an apology

A few days ago on Tumblr I wrote–in reference to the #NotAllMen hastage–the following: In general, I think it’s very reasonable for people to be averse to generalizations about groups they belong to, unless the generalization is pretty carefully qualified. Especially when the generalizations are made by people from other groups. Like, when I write [Read More...]

Mark Millar is a David Icke fan, thinks belief in lizard people reasonable

Mark Millar is a comic book writer who many people have heard of though film adaptations of his work: Wanted, Kick-Ass, and most recently Kingsman (which is coming out in a few weeks). On the whole I’m a fan of his work, though it tends to be a bit weird. He likes to do “superheroes in the real world”-type stuff, but often [Read More...]

Investigation of “certified humane” Whole Foods supplier

The activist group Direct Action Everywhere has released a video of their investigation of a “humane certified” Whole Foods supplier: The video has gotten positive coverage in a number of media outlets, including the New York Times. It underlines a point I’ve made before–that labels like “human certified” are meaningless because farmers will always do the [Read More...]

Real life is an enormous social justice-free bubble

If you’re not familiar with the toxic online subculture that calls itself “social justice,” this blog post has a pretty good summary. I touched on some of the issues my post on the Scott Aaronson thing: When people feel the need to specifically talk about how *nerds* are entitled or privileged or whatever, I often get [Read More...]

On Laurie Penny on Scott Aaronson

So Scott Aaronson wrote a really good blog comment on what it’s like to be a nerdy guy, which has gotten a lot of attention online, ranging from positive to really vile. Among the responses was one by Laurie Penny, which my friend Kate Donovan shared on Facebook. I wrote a long comment on the Facebook thread, [Read More...]

The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our incentives but in ourselves

Back in July, Scott Alexander wrote a post titled Meditations On Moloch, which seems to have greatly increased the popularity of fictional deities within the online LessWrongish community. The post vaguely annoyed me at the time, but I couldn’t quite say why until a couple more recent on Scott’s blog referenced it. Oddly, the original “Moloch” [Read More...]

The Interview and Kim Jong Un’s butthole

I’ve seen a bunch of people saying The Interview was awful, so I was a little apprehensive when my family got together to stream it tonight. But I loved it. I don’t know, maybe I have a slightly different perspective on this given that I spent most of the first year of Kim Jong Un’s reign living [Read More...]

Is finance evil?

In January, I’m headed to New York for an internship at a quantitative finance firm. As a result, I’ve spent a lot of time reading up on finance over the past few months, which means I’m starting to feel qualified to answer everybody’s questions about whether finance is evil. Also, if I write this post [Read More...]