Cis By Default

This is a post from one of Ozy’s old blogs,  which I’m reposting from the Internet Archive’d version with permission: This is a pet hypothesis of mine, nothing more. There is absolutely no empirical data to back this up. But I think it explains my observations fairly well. One of the big things we talk [Read More...]

Please use Adblock

A lot of people who rely on online ads for revenue beg their users not to use services like Adblock, because it cuts into their revenue. However, I think it would be better for both myself and Patheos if all my regular readers used Adblock. Why? Well, first of all, I get most of my [Read More...]

Why the Effective Altruist community REALLY needs to get off Facebook

Minor PSA (okay fine somewhat audacious request) for my friends in the effective altruism community: please get off Facebook. Or at least, try to move your effective altruism stuff off Facebook. Right now, the effective altruism community is my last excuse for using Facebook, but I don’t think this is really optimal, for a couple of [Read More...]

Was the Cold War bad for innovation?

Update: After reading the comments on this post, particularly eric’s and Ben’s, I realized my sense this post is almost completely wrong. Turns out my sense of when a lot of things were invented was just slightly off in just the right way to make me underrate how much important stuff was invented in 1945-1980. Turns out [Read More...]

Technology companies that aren’t

As of today, I’ve officially lived on the internet company peninsula for 11 months. And I just had a realization, about one thing I’ve learned in that time that very few people outside the area understand: a lot of what people call “technology” companies barely make any new technology. Concretely, if you went back in time to [Read More...]

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!


Bryan Caplan, yesterday: I spent a lot of time conversing with conservative intellectuals this week.  What surprised me most was their moral relativism.  Sure, they spent a lot of time griping about left-wing relativism: The awful liberals refuse to admit the West is morally superior to Islamic and other non-Western cultures – or the United States [Read More...]

The stock market isn’t “fair”—and never will be

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading about finance lately. In some cases, I’ve become convinced that the worst of what people say about finance is basically true. I think the 2008 financial crisis really was caused by outright fraud. But some of the complaints people make against Wall Street are deeply misguided. In [Read More...]

The 2014 Effective Altruism Summit—who stood out

I’ve promised friends in the EA community a write-up of my thoughts on the 2014 Effective Altruism summit, which occurred last month. Even though it was just two days, there was a lot of stuff going on. Speakers from many different non-profits had talked scheduled, sometimes concurrently, and there was also a large chunk of [Read More...]

Hackers and writers: why software is more “content” than (almost) anyone realizes

Awhile back on Hacker News there was a story about how most iPhone apps barely make any money. Apparently, some people were surprised by this. I wasn’t. As someone who’s made money writing software, and made money writing English prose, I thought, “of course most apps aren’t going to make much money—just like most books [Read More...]