Friday recap: arguments for the existence of God, Chris Mooney, and more!

I’m going to experiment with doing weekly recap posts. This is partly because I got more blogging done than usual this week, including four posts on Wednesday, and people not used to that may have missed some things. Are these worth doing? Let me know what you think. But without further ado: [Read more…]

Peter van Inwagen’s argument for Christianity

My previous post brings me back to a point I made in chapter 1: too many attempts to refute “atheism” fail to understand that atheism is just thinking there aren’t any gods. They think that refuting “naturalism” or “materialism” or whatever is somehow evidence that their god exists. I’m now going to give a somewhat longer [Read More…]

William Lane Craig vs. cute teddy bear girl on morality

This is a video I made in November 2010. I think of it every time I hear someone talking about William Lane Craig. His arguments, but especially his moral argument, are so awful that mockery may be the best way to respond: [Read more…]

God: kind of like an abusive boyfriend

Another great image I’m stealing from Facebook: [Read more…]

Did Chris Mooney have a point?

On my previous post on Chris Mooney, James Croft left a comment which I’m very grateful for and want to respond to. Here’s the meat of James’ comment: I think that Mooney is making a general case that supporters of science and critics of religion need to pay closer attention to the well-developed science of [Read More…]

Arguments for the existence of something that sounds kind of like a god

A close cousin of god-of-the-gaps arguments are arguments that argue for something that sounds kind of like a god, but which wouldn’t actually have to be a god. A good example of this is the argument from design, which claims that we can somehow show that the life on Earth and/or the universe was designed, [Read More…]

What arguments are popular among liberal Christians?

Commenter mnb0 makes a point that I think is worth devoting a post to: Countering fundie- and creacrap is easy. It has been done many times before. If you want to distinguish yourself you should find yourself some liberal christians to bash. Don’t tell me there aren’t in the States and I’m pretty sure it will [Read More…]

I just saw Amazing Spiderman not in 2D, not in 3D, but in 4D!

Ever been to Disney Land or another theme park where you can go into a theater with a short film, but as you watch the film the entire room moves, maybe they spray water on you at an appropriate moment? Well, they have that here in Korea, except they add those effects to legitimate, full-length [Read More…]

Catholics: why aren’t you Protestant?

This week Andrew Sullivan posted two things from Catholics who oppose the hierarchy but aren’t leaving the church, explaining why not. One was a video from Sister Jeannine Gramick, the nun who founded an organization that advocates for gay Catholics. The other is a column in TIME by one Tim Padgett, who admits the Catholic hierarchy has [Read More…]