The Korean health care system rocks

Today, I went to the hospital to get the stitches from my appendectomy taken out. There were just four of ‘em, so it was fast and easy. Then I found out I was getting billed for it. “Damn,” I thought. “Shouldn’t getting the stitches out have been included in the bill I paid last week?” [Read More...]

Greta Christina tears into Edwina Rogers

A lot of people have been unhappy about the Edwina Rogers fiasco (which I wrote about here), but Greta has the harshest take yet. I agree with everything she says. I especially like the fact that she emphasizes the mere fact that, yes, having a former Republican operative as Executive Director of the SCA is [Read More...]

Richard Carrier does a fascinating interview with Susan Haack

Read it here. What I especially found interesting were her comments on the “what’s wrong with philosophy?” issue: [Read more...]

Follow up to the “what is Dawkins wrong about?” discussion

Now I’ve had a chance to read the whole of the “what is Dawkins wrong about?” discussion, here are my comments on some of the main points raised.  First, let me say that I was absolutely wrong about the abuse thing. As JustKat said: [Read more...]

“I want to copy and paste the whole chapter and write, ‘This!’”

I know this is patting myself on the back, but I still decided to quote this comment on the draft of the first chapter of my book: This is probably not helpful but I want to copy and paste the whole chapter and write, “This!” I look forward to reading the rest, and to buying [Read More...]

On Edwina Rogers, the new Republican head of Secular Coalition for America

So you may have heard the Secular Coalition for America’s new executive director Edwina Rogers. I initially wasn’t sure I was going to blog about this, because the interview she gave with Greta Christina (transcript here) was so incoherent that I wasn’t sure what to say about it, except what I said in a tweet [Read More...]

William Lane Craig says reason leads to atheism

I found this discussion thread from another site because someone linked to me, and through it found an article by William Lane Craig I hadn’t read before, with a stunning quote: [Read more...]

Beta testing a book: Chapter 1: Don’t Panic!: On Finding Atheism Unfamiliar and Scary

In continuation of the plan I posted about last week, here’s  a draft of the first chapter of the book I’m working on. It’s called Don’t Panic!: On Finding Atheism Unfamiliar and Scary. Summary and a few other bits of info below the fold: [Read more...]

The Avengers, or why are good superhero movies so hard to come by?

I went to see The Avengers Friday night. My first reaction coming out of it was it was that it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Certainly the best superhero movie. It looked awesome, the actors did a great job, there were lots of little things that made me go “yup, that’s [Read More...]