Review: Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

I’ve decided to write two posts on agnostic Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman’s new book. This is the main review, which discusses Ehrman’s main theses and arguments. The other post will be about issues of interest to people involved in atheist-Christian debates, but which are secondary issues within the book itself. [Read more...]

Taslima Nasrin’s baffling posts on prostitution

So I’m really, sincerely not sure how to react to two recent posts by Taslima Nasrin, the latest addition to the Freethought Blogs team. The first one equated prostitution with slavery. After criticism by Greta and Natalie (as well as a relevant guest post at Crommunist’s blog), Taslima then posted this response. And I have [Read More...]

Advice on setting up Facebook timeline?

I’ve decided I finally have to set mine up. Any advice? I’m going to go post an ad on ELance, looking for someone who can design a cover for me, and redesign my blog banner while I’m at it. What else? [Read more...]

I’m a citizen of a state sponsor of terrorism

You know… I’ve stopped reading Glenn Greenwald as much these days. He’s still in my Google Reader, but most of the time I glance at the title, maybe the first paragraph, file it under “not news” and move on. I’ve been reading him for that long, and gotten that cynical. In spite of that, this [Read More...]

Introducing: Bible verse of the day, on Twitter

I’ve finally come up with a reason for people to follow me on Twitter: now through the foreseeable future, I’ll be tweeting one Bible verse per day. I’ll be using the Skeptics Annotated Bible for ideas on things to tweet. Major props to Steve Wells, creator of the Skeptics Annotated Bible, for creating that site. [Read More...]

I am reminded that I art mortal

I called in sick to work today. Couldn’t sleep because of a terrible cough, and woke up barely able to speak (before calling in, I spent some time practicing saying several sentences in a row without swearing uncontrollably at how difficult it was). But that’s not the worst part. [Read more...]

“People Make Poor Monitors for Computers”

That’s the title of a new book that I intend to try to read, time permitting. There’s sort of an encouraging thought in there: we’ve gotten so good at designing computers, that giving humans too much control over them may no longer be a good idea. [Read more...]

From the archives: Ignorance: Comparing Dawkins and Plantinga

Here’s a post from back in December 2010, just after I had left graduate school. It’s another one that I’m likely to refer back to in the future, and will satisfy people who’ve been hoping to see me talk more about Plantinga. A good chunk of my blogging over the next few weeks will be [Read More...]

From the archives: Is studying philosophy beneficial?

This is another post that generated a long discussion when I first posted it in July 2011. It’s also one I’m likely to refer back to in the future, so I really should give you all a chance to discuss it. From xkcd: Guy: I used to think correlation implied causation. Then I took a [Read More...]