Could Gary Johnson make drug legalization a national issue?

I don’t know who I’m going to vote for in the 2012 presidential election (besides not Obama or Romney) but I hope Conor Fiedersdorf is right about the impact the Gary Johnson campaign could have on the drug debate (HT: Andrew Sullivan): [Read more...]

Beta testing a book: The one book that will convince you Christianity is false

As promised, I’m not making publicly available the draft of the Introduction to the book I’m working on. Subtitle, “The one book that will convince you Christianity is false. Here’s the summary: [Read more...]

Beta testing a book: Chris’ crazy idea about how to write a book in the 21st century

A long time ago I decided that when I finally finished writing my book, I would make it available as an ebook on a pay-what-you-want basis (where “pay-what-you-want” means “even $0″). There are a couple reasons for doing this. The first is purely selfish. As Cory Doctorow likes to say, most creative types suffer more [Read More...]

Talk about points of agreement more

I’ve written a quite a few posts criticizing other atheists–some of them other FTBers–lately, and somewhat to my surprise, they’ve become some of the most-read posts I’ve ever written. The most-read ones have beat out my previous high-ranking posts on William Lane Craig (though not my #1 most read post since coming to Freethought Blogs, [Read More...]

The things you get called for questioning religion

I knew Greta’s been called all these things already, but it’s striking seeing them all gathered together in one paragraph. From her latest on AlterNet: [Read more...]

A beautiful first paragraph

Will Wilkinson reviews the often-unhinged John Gray’s book review of Jonathan Haidt. First paragraph below the fold (includes an amusing note on humanities scholars and “scientism”): [Read more...]

At LessWrong: Why a human (or group of humans) might create unFriendly AI halfway on purpose

This post that I just wrote contains some of the stuff on evolutionary psychology I’ve been meaning to write more about here: Too many people–at least, too many writers of the kind of fiction where the villain turns out to be an all-right guy in the end–seem to believe that if someone is the hero [Read More...]

Should I try to post on weekends?

I tend not to post on weekends because (1) I’m often traveling to Seoul on weekends, which makes blogging hard and (2) I feel like I need time to build up post ideas so I have something to do during the week. But recently, I’ve been wondering if posting on the weekend would increase the [Read More...]

From the archives: It’s not about tone

I was totally caught off guard by all the people who interpreted my criticisms of Richard Carrier in yesterday’s post as being about “tone.” Therefore I decided it might be worth reposting this post from July 2011. I’ve written before about the relationship between content and tone, but there’s an angle I didn’t cover there: [Read More...]