The Big Thread of Happy Things!

As promised yesterday, here is my Big Thread of Happy Things! I’ll start with a post from Greta Christina on a study reporting that atheists have better sex (than anyone except Jews and Unitarians): [Read more...]

Your daily dose of cynicism

I promised a positive post today, and it’s coming, but today I had another “Glenn Greenwald actually managed to shock me today” moment (previous example here). Here is the lead sentence of a Washington Post article: [Read more...]

Ask an atheist!

Facebook and the blogosphere are telling me today is Ask an Atheist day. If you’re already reading this blog, you’ve probably had plenty of questions to ask atheists questions in the past. Nevertheless, I’m going to follow suit with JT and announce that I will respond to all comments in this thread asking a question. [Read More...]

PZ Myers gives exactly the right response to “presuppositionalist” Sye

A number of years ago, back when I was still in college, I got invited on to a Christian podcast IIRC called “The Narrow Mind” (way to play to stereotypes there!). It ended up being one of my first encounters with a branch of Christian apologetics called “presuppositionalism.” Basically, presuppositionalism involves declaring that all reasoning [Read More...]

Can legally knowledgeable people explain the Zimmerman case to me?

I initially gave a small cheer inside when I heard that George Zimmerman (the man who shot Trayvon Martin) had been arrested. But after reading this piece by Radley Balko I’m having second thoughts. Balko quotes a number of legal bloggers saying that, whatever else you might say about the case, the affidavit of probable [Read More...]

Bizarre flap between Bart Ehrman and Robert M. Price

So in the comments yesterday, Steven Carr repeated a claim from Robert M. Price in this episode of Price’s podcast that Ehrman doesn’t read the books he criticizes, he has graduate students do it for him. Then Zak pointed me towards Ehrman’s responses here and here. Here’s Ehrman’s first response: [Read more...]

From the archives: William Lane Craig tries to equivocate, ends up just plain lying

In yesterday’s post on Sam Harris and free will, I mentioned William Lane Craig’s lies. This post, from November of last year, was my “I’m fed up with being nice about this subject” post. It gives specific examples of lies Craig has told about Stephen Law and Dale Allison. One of the many entertaining historical [Read More...]

Sam Harris, free will, and blaming believers for the things they say

Last week, I read Sam Harris’ new book Free Will. Until now I’ve liked everything I’ve read of Harris’, but I can’t recommend this book. The problem is that Harris argues against the notion of free will without ever putting much effort into figuring out what people mean by “free will.” Russell Blackford has been [Read More...]

From the archives: In defense of free will and experimental philosophy

This is another post I’m moving over so I can refer to it in a new post. It’s a response to a post by Jerry Coyne about free will, written before Sam Harris’ book had everyone talking about it. Jerry Coyne is unhappy with a Eddy Nahmias’ defense of free will, published on the NYT opinionator blog. Here’s Nahmias: [Read more...]