From the archives: Why the retina is cool

I’m taking a page out of Natalie’s book and giving myself a week off, where I re-post posts from my old blog every day. This doesn’t mean I won’t post other stuff (see previous post), but I’m giving myself permission to do only that if other things get in the way. Today, I’m re-posting another [Read More...]

Five books for a high-school dropout?

Here’s an interesting question a friend of mine posted to Facebook: If you could only choose five books to give to a high school drop-out to get them through the rest of their life, what books would they be and why? [Read more...]

Chris Rodda leaving Freethought Blogs

Okay. Wow. I’m really not sure what to make of Chis Rodda’s announcement that she’s leaving Freethought Blogs. I guess these things can happen very suddenly, but in this case I got no hints at all that this was going to happen. [Read more...]

A discussion thread on religion for people who live–or have lived–in “red” parts of the country

Strange as it may sound for someone who writes about religion so much, there are times when religion seems like this thing that’s “out there” but which doesn’t affect my life. And I guess that’s been true for some parts of my life, particularly when I’ve lived in the “blue” (i.e. liberal) city* of Madison, [Read More...]

When the people you’re trying to reach say stupid things

About a year ago, I took part in a campus atheist group’s “ask an atheist” day. We stood out on the sidewalk in a well-traveled part of campus with a table, signs, and sidewalk chalk to announce what we were doing. Unfortunately, we didn’t so much get people with questions as people who wanted to [Read More...]

Operational atheists or perfectly normal believers?

Julian Sanchez has a post titled “Undercover Atheists?” that makes a number of interesting points, but the one I want to comment on is about the number of atheists in government: [Read more...]

From the archives: Parkinson’s and schizophrenia

Unlike my recent “From the archives” posts, this is a post I wrote way back in 2008. I had completely forgotten about it until recently, when a woman e-mailed me to thank me for it, because she had a mentally ill son and by showing her friends my post she could get them to better understand [Read More...]

1.5 million children stolen–guess who’s responsible?

I wouldn’t normally link to PZ because I assume you all read him anyway, but I just had an uncanny experience at his blog. I read the headline 1.5 million children stolen, and felt like I was suddenly Batman (as played by Adam West): “There’s only one organization that could have pulled off a plot [Read More...]

I really should know more about ebook formats. Help please?

I like the concept of ebooks, but I’ve never gotten a Kindle or Nook or anything like that. I just read them on my computer. So there’s a lot I don’t know about ebook readers. Like I only just now found out that EPUB is supposed to be great because you can read them on [Read More...]