The creepy delusions of William Lane Craig

When I first read William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith (back when it was in the second edition), my gut reaction to reading the first chapter was, “this guy is a total lunatic, I didn’t know he was so crazy.” I basically said so in my first post reviewing the book, and then when I turned [Read More...]

Say something, anything

Test 1, 2, 3 [Read more...]

The RSS feed

See that little orange symbol at the top of the page? If you use Google Reader or any other feed reader (and why wouldn’t you be?), go click it now. Even if you’re subscribed to the general Freethought Blogs feed. [Read more...]

Playing Pac Man on a voting machine

I think this is just hilarious. Hooray for universal Turing machines!: [Read more...]

Diversity among religious believers

This is a topic that was going around the FTB backchannel, and now Ed and Natalie have written posts about it. Here’s my contribution: [Read more...]

Frederick of Black Skeptics on Be Scofield

Frederick of Black Skeptics points out that religion hasn’t been as good to African Americans as Be Scofield would like you to think: [Read more...]

From the archives: The state of biblical scholarship, philosophy, and atheism

This was originally written in April of last year. It’s a response to a long question that I had gotten in a blog comment. Note that even though the question included a lot of mistaken assumptions, it was still a very useful springboard for writing a post, in part because it gave me an idea [Read More...]

This is how fundamentalism ends: not with a bang, but with Rick Santorum pretending to have gay friends

Vjack of Atheist revolution argues we should be careful about saying Christian fundamentalism is on the decline: [Read more...]

Buy Obama and Gingrich? (on Intrade)

This is another post about politics, but instead of telling you who (not) to vote for, I want to dip into talking about what, just as a matter of fact, is most likely to happen. The discussion is going to focus around Intrade, a site that lets you bet on the outcome of various events, [Read More...]