Not So Different, part 2

Part 1. Now all of this is been pretty abstract. So to drive the point I’ve been making home, I’m going to give you a little lesson in Mormonism 101. I decided to pick Mormonism as my main example in this chapter because of a combination of factors. On the one hand, Mormonism (also known [Read More…]

Who is this Andrew Breitbart guy?

When I heard that Andrew Breitbart died, I knew I had him mentally slotted as a wingnut, but couldn’t remember exactly who he was. Yet people had such nice things to say about him! For example, Andrew Sullivan: [Read more…]

Not So Different, part 1

This post is the first part of a draft of a chapter for my upcoming book. It’s the big post I promised yesterday–except that I realized anything this long should be broken up into multiple posts. Enjoy. This is the chapter where I explain what’s wrong with maybe 90%, if not more, of the defenses [Read More…]

Coming out as gay, coming out as atheist

One really good point that got raised in yesterday’s discussion was that when you deconvert, and tell other people about it, you risk being rejected by friends and family. I’m not quite sure what to say to this worry, though it’s worth noting the similarity the the problems associated with coming out as gay. And [Read More…]

Discussion: what do believers lose when they lose their faith, and how do we reassure them about it?

Exactly what it says on the tin: I want your input on what believers lose when they lose their faith, and how we can reassure them about it. I want to say right off that there are some things that no one has to lose to deconversion, like happiness. If a believer is afraid of [Read More…]

The massive foreclosure fraud that will go (effectively) unpunished

One of the issues discussed in Glenn Greenwald’s excellent book With Liberty and Justice for Some is the fact that in the United States, financial elites can now get away with quite serious crimes. Unfortunately, the section of the book was a bit weak, without a clear explanation of the laws that have been broken. [Read More…]

From the archives: How William Lane Craig misleads his followers

Ever since going to the Harris-Craig debate, Craig has been on my mind an awful lot. There’s one thing I’ve alluded to here and here,and meant to do a post on, but kept putting off: the fact that Craig works very hard to give his followers a false impression of the facts on key issues. [Read More…]

The most clueless attack on Dawkins I’ve seen yet

This may not be the dumbest attack on Dawkins I’ve ever seen, but I think it wins the award for least-informed about the views Dawkins has been promoting for years now: [Read more…]

Justifying secularism

I’m trying to decide how much to agree or disagree with this post by Russell Blackford: [Read more…]