RSS feed fixed (hopefully)

Just got an e-mail from the webmaster saying that the Freethought Blogs RSS feed is fixed, so if you subscribe to the general FTB feed it should include all of everyone’s posts. If this continues to not happen, please drop a comment/e-mail letting me know. And heck, why don’t you subscribe to this blog’s feed [Read More…]

Help me write a better profile for myself

Okay, so I’m not very happy with the current “about” in my sidebar, and would like help writing it. Part of the issue is that I don’t know what info about myself is salient to other people, so something that might seem not worth mentioning to me might turn out to be what everyone thinks [Read More…]

Comments closed on old blog

Because I don’t want to have to bother checking for comments on my old blog, I’ve decided to close comments on it. If I link to something there and you want to discuss it, feel free to use the FTB thread where the link appeared. [Read more…]

Say something, anything

Test 1, 2, 3 [Read more…]

The RSS feed

See that little orange symbol at the top of the page? If you use Google Reader or any other feed reader (and why wouldn’t you be?), go click it now. Even if you’re subscribed to the general Freethought Blogs feed. [Read more…]

Tweak to comment policy

I am officially adding being really, really, weird to the list of delete/ban/disemvowell-able offenses. That is all. [Read more…]

Official introduction post

So, this is the post where I say random things about myself that may or may not be relevant, and end with a comment policy. But I’m not starting with the comment policy, because that would be boring. [Read more…]