Were the Stormtroopers under orders to let the heroes escape?

I’ve previously written about how the original Star Wars movies treat the Imperial Stormtroopers far more respectfully than movies treat their nameless bad guys. But there’s still the problem of the Stormtroopers repeatedly missing the heroes at close range. [Read more…]

RIP Roger Ebert

As you may have heard by now, film critic Roger Ebert has died. In the wake of his death, a lot of people are passing around an essay he wrote on the subject, which begins: [Read more…]

Reply to Natalie on Batman

Back in August, I wrote a post titled “Batman sucks.” Natalie Reed just left a comment which I think is worth replying to: [Read more…]

I totally called this one: Tim Curry takes over Palpatine

I just found out that Tim Curry is taking over the voice of Palpatine for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon. My first thought was, “wait, they’re still making that cartoon?” But my second thought was: I totally called this one. [Read more…]

Geek dreams

I had the most amazing dream last night. I dreamed I was playing Magic: The Gathering with a borrowed deck, and it turned out the deck had some elaborate combo that allowed me to start my first turn with a 5/5 creature and two 8/8 creatures. [Read more…]

The Kryptonian menace

The Mary Sue tweets: “David Goyer seems to be going for a more realistic approach to Superman in Man of Steel, i.e we’d be scared of him.” This makes explicit something only hinted at in the second trailer: [Read more…]

Natalie Reed’s advice to “aspiring writers”

Natalie Reed just dispensed some very good advice to “aspiring writers” on Twitter, which I’m going to compile into one big block quote rather than embedding one tweet at a time (but initial tweet here): [Read more…]

How unhappy are you about J. J. Abrams directing Star Wars?

There seems to be some mild backlash over the announcement that J. J. Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars movie (example here). But did anyone else hear that and think “total disaster”? I wasn’t thinking that when I first heard about Disney buying the franchise. I was hoping for an enjoyable if unsatisfying on reflection movie like The [Read More…]

Andrew Sullivan moves to metering his content

This is interesting. Andrew Sullivan is ditching advertising for a new business model: [Read more…]