Argument works

The following is an excerpt from chapter 3 of the book. [Read more…]

Currently reading: Thomas L. Thompson’s The Mythic Past

I’ve previously discussed Silberman and Finkelstein’s book The Bible Unearthed, a popular-level book on Old Testament scholarship which argues that nothing in the Old Testament prior to the stories of David and Solomon has any basis in history, that David and Solomon probably only barely have a basis in history, and that key parts (namely most of [Read More…]

[Correction: BRITISH] Boy Scouts may welcome atheists

I’ve written before about my experience of realizing I was an atheist while in the middle of earning Eagle rank in Boy Scouts. But now, it looks like the Boy Scouts may start welcoming atheists: [Read more…]

How to win an argument with God

I found the top half of this image on Facebook, and added my response at the end: [Read more…]

Beta testing a book: Chapter 3: Why religious ideas are fair game

Yay for a very productive week! I now have a substantially revised version of chapter three of the book. It’s titled Why religious ideas are fair game. “In this chapter” and other notes below the fold: [Read more…]

Where did Christopher Hitchens say he doesn’t want to get rid of religion, because he likes arguing with believers too much?

I seem to be on a roll as far as getting work done on the book this week. Yesterday, I got a cleaned-up version of chapter 2 up, and I’m most of the way done with a revised version of chapter 3. One minor thing I’m stuck on: where did Christopher Hitchens say he doesn’t [Read More…]

Bill O’Reilly claims Christianity isn’t a religion

So a bunch of people around teh atheist interwebs have noticed a story about Bill O’Reilly claiming that Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a philosophy. This is actually just a variation on a popular Christian meme, “Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a personal relationship with God.” I also once heard a Muslim claim that Islam isn’t a religion, it’s [Read More…]

Best testing a book: Chapter 2: The many gods I don’t believe in (yours included)

I just got done cleaning up my draft of chapter two of the book. It’s called The many gods I don’t believe in (yours included). Summary below the fold: Richard Dawkins’ Big Bad Quote What do ordinary religious believers believe? The theologian who can’t tell you what he believes What is fundamentalism? Who’s really ignorant about theology? [Read More…]

Bart Ehrman reads the Pope’s new book

Last week, I explained why the Pope saying the date of Jesus’ birth is not news. Now, Bart Ehrman reads the book and says it “provides an intelligent, very pious, and not very critical pastoral and soothing interpretation of the accounts of Jesus’ birth in Matthew and Luke.” The details are pretty much what I [Read More…]