Appearing on Unbelievable

Last night (or very early this morning, depending on how you look at it), I recorded an interview for the British Christian radio show Unbelievable. The host was Justin Brierly, and I was debating Calum Miller on the topic of Jesus’ resurrection. [Read more...]

The ignorance and dishonesty of Christian apologetics, part 1: anti-evolutionism

I don’t think I’m going to be able to get through writing this post if I try to feign politeness, so let me start by saying that it’s long been clear to me that, in spite of his moderate views on some issues (relative to his fellow evangelicals, anyway) Christian apologist Randal Rauser is not [Read More...]

Academics are bad at warning the public about charlatans

I recently reread Eliezer Yudkowsky’s “Beware of Stephen J. Gould,” and the last paragraph in particular stuck out: And so as not to be accused of plagiarism myself, many others have said much of what I said here – only in politer academic language, with longer sentences, and without that specific example.  I thought it [Read More...]

Holy crap: “ex-gay” ministry apologizes and announces it is shutting down. What does this mean?

When I first heard via Hemant Mehta and Fred Clarke that the infamous “ex-gay” ministry had apologized to everyone it hurt and announced it was shutting down, I almost couldn’t belief it. What does it mean for the future of evangelicalism? [Read more...]

Intelligent design, creationism, and fundamentalism: a reply to Randal Rauser

Randal Rauser has posted my contribution to his “Why they don’t believe” series, along with his response. Here’s my response to his response: [Read more...]

God or Godless: a review

When I asked Randal for a review copy God or Godless, I expected to be frustrated by his arguments. I didn’t expect to be frustrated by the format of the book–but that’s what happened. [Read more...]

In support of Ron Lindsay, and against Richard Carrier’s disingenuous attack

So apparently there’s a huge kerfluffle over Ron Lindsay’s opening remarks at CFI’s Women in Secularism 2 conference. At first I avoided reading anything about it out of a desire to not waste time on drama; then I decided read the text of Lindsay’s speech. [Read more...]

Fisking the Sermon on the Mount

“Fisking” is a term I used to see a lot on the internet, which sadly seems to have fallen out of use. It means a point-by-point critique, and they can be a real joy to read. Today, I give you a fisking of the Sermon on the Mount. [Read more...]

“Naturalism” has a bunch of definitions

A friend of mine told me that she’s been archive binging my blog, but complained about me using words she doesn’t know, particularly “naturalism.” This is a bit embarrassing to me as a writer, because I thought I’d been clear on this point, but then we all overestimate how clear we’re being. So let me tale a moment to say that “naturalism” has a bunch of definitions. [Read more...]

An index of why William Lane Craig is a dishonest genocide-defending creepy homophobe

William Lane Craig is a strong candidate for the greatest living proponent of natural theology. But that’s because serious philosophers have almost entirely abandoned natural theology. A guide to Craig’s track record of dishonesty and fundamentalist lunacy. [Read more...]