Fisking the Sermon on the Mount

“Fisking” is a term I used to see a lot on the internet, which sadly seems to have fallen out of use. It means a point-by-point critique, and they can be a real joy to read. Today, I give you a fisking of the Sermon on the Mount. [Read more…]

“Naturalism” has a bunch of definitions

A friend of mine told me that she’s been archive binging my blog, but complained about me using words she doesn’t know, particularly “naturalism.” This is a bit embarrassing to me as a writer, because I thought I’d been clear on this point, but then we all overestimate how clear we’re being. So let me tale a moment to say that “naturalism” has a bunch of definitions. [Read more…]

An index of why William Lane Craig is a dishonest genocide-defending creepy homophobe

William Lane Craig is a strong candidate for the greatest living proponent of natural theology. But that’s because serious philosophers have almost entirely abandoned natural theology. A guide to Craig’s track record of dishonesty and fundamentalist lunacy. [Read more…]

On the stupidity of asking, “but where’s the evidence we need evidence for things?”

Dealing with a Christian who insists asking for evidence is self-defeating. [Read more…]

Who takes the likes of Sye Ten Bruggencate seriously?

Sye Ten Bruggencate makes Bill O’Reilly look smart. So how does he manage to make a living as a full-time apologist? Could young-earth creationism be the answer? [Read more…]

I wish more Christians knew this Bible verse

If only more Christians knew what the Bible really says about prayer… [Read more…]

Greta Christina on infighting vs. healthy debate

A week ago, Greta Christina posted an article she had written that originally appeared in Free Inquiry on the difference between infighting and healthy debate. Her suggested criteria are mostly very good, with a couple I’d quibble with and a couple that look hopeless. [Read more…]

Discussion topic: presuppositionalism

Because I haven’t tangled with presuppositional apologetics in awhile. [Read more…]

Is the morality of religious believers really as twisted as it often appears?

I think one of my all-time favorite atheist quotes has to be this: [Read more…]