What does the Bible say about sex? Less than you probably think

I wouldn’t deny for a moment that the Bible says some messed-up things about sex, including that men who have sex with men should be killed, and that if you even look at a woman the wrong way, it’s as bad as committing adultery. But I think many people would be surprised by what the [Read More…]

My book, now available in e-reader formats!

A reader (who I think wishes to remain anonymous, but is welcome to identify himself in the comments) very generously volunteered to take the time to convert my first book (which takes on Christian apologists over the resurrection) into a variety of e-reader formats, including EPUB (most e-readers), MOBI (for Amazon Kindle), and a couple [Read More…]

Thoughts on religion after a year in Asia: separating “religion” from “Abrahamic monotheism”

I have now spent a year of my life in Asia. I have seen the world’s largest solid-gold Buddha statue (so shinny, I failed to take a glare-free picture of it!): [Read more…]

Watching a deconversion in real-time

The reader who I respond to here has given me permission to reveal that he is frequent commenter smidoz, who’s decided to go public with his loss of faith on his blog: [Read more…]

Lots of people are awful, but not everyone who disagrees with you is

The two main impetuses for this post are both already old news in the blogosphere’s short news cycle, but I think the issue is important, so here it goes: [Read more…]

Some Biblical scholarship/early Christianity basics

A commenter posted a link to this comment by someone named “Randy” in one of Leah Libresco’s threads. I started typing up a reply (which you can see here), but I cut my reply a little short because I decided Randy was probably the kind of person who a long reply would be wasted on. [Read More…]

Premillenial dispensationalism and superheroes

I have this idea for a superhero novel kicking around in my head… maybe I’ll do it for this year’s NaNoWriMo, who knows. Anyway, because I’m annoyed by the fact that it’s impossible to give an explanation of superpowers that makes any sense, part of the premise is that nobody knows why people suddenly started [Read More…]

Russell Blackford on Sam Harris

Sam Harris (whose recent spat with Glenn Greenwald I blogged about here) has updated his response to controversy page. Russell Blackford comments: [Read more…]


“Afaeism” is a word I’ve used before on Twitter, Facebook, and blog comment threads, but it really deserves a post of its own so I can link people to it as needed. “Afaeism” is a word I’ve coined to mean disbelief in fairies. [Read more…]