On Passover, the charge of antisemitism, and Martin Luther

A couple months ago, I shared the following picture on Facebook: [Read more…]

How much trouble is Plantinga’s Free Will Defense in?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time arguing that the claim that Plantinga conclusively showed popular versions of the argument from evil do not work is problematic because (1) Plantinga assumes libertarian free will and (2) even if Plantinga showed that the existence of God is compatible with some bad choices, that doesn’t at all [Read More…]

Why I am an atheist: my response to a Patheos challenge

I got a message from my contact at Patheos saying: [Read more…]

If philosophers agree on anything, it’s that there are no good arguments for the existence of God

Last month, a guest post by Landon at Butterflies and Wheels listed a number of issues, which, according to the Landon, “were largely settled through the work of people who were essentially, for their respective eras, professional philosophers”: [Read more…]

Will there ever be another unmarried president?

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Pope Francis: strong on economic issues, vulnerable on Argentinian death squads

The new pope is an anti-gay bigot, but you knew that would be the case before the pick was announced. On that front, we may as well just be relieved that the cardinals didn’t pick Peter Turkson, who has defended laws that would give the death penalty for homosexuality. [Read more…]

Doug Krueger on Craig’s “PhDs only” rule

Doug Krueger, who’s been offering to debate Craig for years, showed up in the comments on my post on William Lane Craig’s refusal to debate Jeff Lowder to offer up some additional tidbits: [Read more…]

Religion and prostitution in South Korea

Last year, while I was still teaching at a public middle school in South Korea, Russell Blackford asked me a question in e-mail about religion in South Korea. [Read more…]

Philosopher Joseph Levine on why he’s not a cultural Jew

One of my favorite essays from Louise Antony’s Philosophers Without Gods anthology was Joseph Levine’s “From Yeshiva Bochur to Secular Humanist.” Levine offers a fascinating account of his life as someone who was raised within Orthodox (he says “fundamentalist” would be quite accurate) Judaism. But what most stuck with me was his explanation of why [Read More…]