In defense of evolutionary psychology, part 3: Hamilton’s rule and reciprocal altruism

Hume once said that “A man naturally loves his children better than his nephews, his nephews better than his cousins, his cousins better than strangers, where every thing else is equal.” When I first found this quote from Hume, I was quite impressed, because it anticipates an idea that wouldn’t be formulated until roughly 200 [Read More…]

Bart Ehrman’s “blog for charity” concept

I was very happy to learn that Bart Ehrman has just recently started blogging. However, it’s a very unusual blog in that most of it will be behind a paywall, and proceeds will go to charity. It’s great that Ehrman is trying to raise more money for charity (he says he already donates a fair [Read More…]

Feeling good vs. doing good

Via Coquette, on Koch 2012: [Read more…]

Don’t donate to Kony 2012, donate to GiveWell’s top charities instead

Link to I’m sort of surprised to some people in the atheist/rationalist community being so eager to support the Kony 2012 campaign. This is a pretty good test of rationality, specifically your ability to avoid known cognitive biases and do what will actually be most effective for accomplishing your goals. And if you’re giving your money [Read More…]